Wildfowl Decoy Carver and Artist

Folk Art or Fine Art is not the question, what’s important to me is capturing the simple elegance of birds. Carving & painting have given me a means by which to express this feeling in a way that can be shared & enjoyed with everyone. In the past 13 years, I’m proud to say that my carvings have won awards & recognition in competitions across the country from California to Connecticut. Thanks for visiting & please check back in the future to see what’s new on the work bench.

Bob makes items of sublime beauty. His birds look as natural as one sees them in the wilderness. Whether he puts them in an action pose hunting for food or sitting and grooming, or simply resting, they always look ready to take off and fly away. One does not see the wood they are carved from. One notices the graceful curve of the neck, the expression in the eye, the softness of the feathers with the light sheen of color and oil on the surface. One cannot make nature any better that nature already is, but Bob can make it as believable,” said fellow artist Anna Glodek about Robert’s work.